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Hot Kayak Fishing Spots in Ocean City Maryland
Brian Robets, Kayak/Paddleboard Fishing Excursion Guide
White Marlin Outfitters


This map is the hottest spots near the commercial harbor (Where Fish N' Paddle Saltwater Slam Weigh Station and the West Ocean City Boat Ramp are located) out to the Ocean City Inlet are the following spots detailed on the map:

East Channel (Two larger bright red indicated spots)- The East Channel of Sinapuxent Bay holds some big flounder & striped bass.  Fishes well on all tides.

West Channel (Light Orange Indicated Spot)- The West Channel of Sinapuxent Bay holds Flounder and Trout especially when clean water.

Thorofare (Large Blue Indicated Spot)-  One of the most popular spots for Flounder and holds some big bluefish.  Don't be afraid to get into some of flats as on the channels some big fish hold.  Also a place where motorized boats have a hard time getting way up in.

32nd Steet Deep Channel (Green indicated spot)- Very deep small channel that can hold some big flounder.  One of the largest flounder in the bay was caught here a couple years ago. Good access from OC Convention Center where you can drop in.

Fishbowl (Gray Indicated Spot)- The Fishbowl north of Rt 50 Bridge is know for holding bluefis,h flounder, red drum, and trout.

Rt 50 Bridge Pilings (Light blue Indicated Spot)- The Route 50 bridge pilings hold all species of fish.  Some of the biggest Stripped Bass, Red Drum, Founder, Bluefish, Tautog and Sheepshead come from around these pilings.

Commerical Harbor (Yellow Indicated Spot)- Right out in front of the scales are Striped Bass, Flounder Tautog and Sheepshead.

Bulkhead in Front of Commercial Harbor to Stinky Beach (Dark Red Indicated Spot)- Favorite Spot for Keeper Tautog, Striped Bass and Flounder.  Gator Trout are on the northern reaches towards Stinky Beach on the flood tide also.

Marsh Harbour Mouth (Pale Yellow Indicated Spot)- Great spot not overfished for flounder.  Goes from deep water channel to shallow oyster bar where the ripples are and fish sit in that spot.

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